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  • PERSONAR Welcomes João Capela, Renowned FIFA Referee and VAR expert, as New Senior Advisor

    London, UK, 5 March 2024 – Personar welcomes João Capela, a world-renowned international FIFA referee and Video Assistant Referee (VAR) expert, as our newest Senior Advisor. With over two decades of experience in sports officiating, including eight years as a distinguished FIFA international referee and as a professional Referee and VAR at Portuguese Football Federation, João brings unparalleled expertise and innovation to our team. "We're extremely excited to welcome João Capela to Personar as our newest Senior Advisor," said Adrian Jones, CEO of Personar. "His expertise in sports officiating and VAR systems perfectly aligns with our mission to revolutionize professional workflows and decision-making processes through AI. With João's guidance, we're ready to enhance our existing solutions like TrackSwift and expand into new categories, helping businesses and professional sports organizations become more efficient and effective." João Capela shared his enthusiasm: "Joining Personar marks an exciting new chapter in my career. I'm eager to merge my passion for sports officiating and the VAR process, with cutting-edge AI technology, collaborating with the talented team at Personar to pioneer transformative solutions across. Together, we'll redefine the boundaries of what AI can do, and drive efficiency, consistency, and excellence of the VAR technology in professional organizations worldwide." João Capela’s dedication to the sport extends beyond the field, with roles as a FIFA VAR Instructor since 2012 and leadership position in the last four years as CRC Member and VAR Manager at the Hellenic Football Federation contributing significantly to the VAR education, training, and development for Greek Professional Football. João was instrumental in refining officiating standards at the national level, serving as the National Association VAR Responsible for the UEFA Greek National Team in the last European qualifications. His commitment to nurturing the next generation of referees is evident through his work as a Referee Instructor since 2014. Off the pitch, his leadership, emotional intelligence, and professional resilience shine through his role as a Behavioral Change Agent and Ambassador for initiatives such as the Sport without Bullying Project and the National Plan for Ethics in Sport. João’s illustrious career stands as a testament to his multifaceted expertise and enduring impact on sports and community leadership. With his experience and commitment, he is set to make invaluable contributions to Personar as Senior Advisor.

  • PERSONAR Shines Bright as Finalist for UK National Technology Awards' 'Innovation of the Year'!

    We are thrilled to share the news that PERSONAR has been selected as a finalist for the UK National Technology Awards in the 'Innovation of the Year' category. This nomination underscores the transformative impact of PERSONAR's technology across diverse sectors including enterprise, government, and sports. Our team at PERSONAR is deeply honored by this recognition and extends heartfelt thanks to the National Technology Awards for this prestigious acknowledgment.

  • How AI is Revolutionizing the World of Sports

    In the dynamic realm of sports, innovation isn't just a desire, it's a necessity for staying ahead of the competition. Over the years, advancements in technology have continuously reshaped the landscape of sports, and now, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing us to a new era of transformation. From enhancing athlete performance to revolutionizing fan engagement, AI is leaving a lasting mark on every aspect of the sporting world. One of the most significant ways AI is revolutionizing sports is through its ability to process vast amounts of data in real-time, providing teams and coaches with advice to make their strategies and training plans better. There are AI tools capable of analyzing biometric data and monitoring player health to identify injury risks, which in turn optimizes training plans. This helps teams prevent injuries, enhance player performance, and improve overall team success. Whether it's analyzing player biometrics, predicting game outcomes, or identifying opponents' weaknesses, AI-powered analytics have become invaluable tools for gaining a competitive edge. Moreover, the impact of AI extends beyond the arena. In recent years, there has been a surge in AI applications aimed at improving the fan experience. From personalized content recommendations to immersive virtual reality experiences, AI is enabling sports organizations to create more engaging and interactive platforms for their supporters. Personar’s Impact: Amidst this wave of AI innovation in sports, one company stands out for its pioneering work in speech-to-text technology – PERSONAR, with its groundbreaking tool TrackSwift. Specializing in AI-driven speech recognition and message categorization, TrackSwift is at the forefront of transforming how sports organizations manage and utilize communication data. Through TrackSwift's advanced AI algorithms, we've forged partnerships with renowned motorsport entities, including Formula 1 teams, to revolutionize their communication processes. By transcribing and categorizing team communications in real-time, TrackSwift facilitates quicker decision-making and streamlines operations, ultimately enhancing performance on the racetrack. TrackSwift is also far more than a mere speech-to-text engine; it is an intelligent decision-making facilitator for the sports domain. This advanced AI system does more than transcribe; it comprehends the context and nuances within each message. By actively categorizing communication, it sifts through the stream of data to pinpoint critical information, separating the signal from the noise. The genius of TrackSwift lies in its capacity to understand in real time. It doesn’t just listen—it analyzes and identifies key phrases and terms, triggering alerts that could dramatically impact strategic decisions. For teams in sports where every second is pivotal, this means having a virtual assistant that not only keeps pace with the game but also anticipates needs and responds with actionable intelligence. In essence, TrackSwift provides a robust platform that harnesses AI to transform raw, real-time communication into strategic insights, empowering teams to react with the speed and precision that modern sports demand. In addition to its significant impact on motorsports, TrackSwift's innovative AI Powered - speech-to-text technology is making waves in the realms of esports with an emphasis on fan engagement and football (soccer) as well. In sports, AI isn't just a trendy term, it's changing the game. From fine-tuning athlete performance to revolutionizing fan interaction, AI technologies wield transformative power. And as a leading provider of speech-to-text AI solutions, PERSONAR's TrackSwift is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in decision-making and communication within sports.

  • PERSONAR opens up global Headquarters in London, UK, and new offices in Austin Texas, USA

    London, UK, 1 February 2024 - Today, we're thrilled to share two significant milestones that represent our commitment to global growth: Headquarters Unveiled in London: We proudly inaugurate our global headquarters in London – a city renowned for its thriving tech ecosystem, strategic global connectivity, access to innovation centers, cultural diversity, and networking opportunities. These factors make London the perfect choice for our global HQ. It's also a significant step to strengthen our presence in Europe, reaffirming our dedication to serving our valued clients across the continent. US Office Opens in Austin, Texas: Simultaneously, we're thrilled to establish our US presence in the vibrant city of Austin, strengthening our connections with clients across the United States and Canada. While we celebrate these achievements, our commitment to the thriving Asian market remains unwavering, with offices in Singapore and Australia fuelling our growth in the region. These milestones are a testament to the trust and support of our global user base, which has grown significantly over the past months. As we embark on this new chapter of expansion and innovation, we're on a mission to enhance our unique AI decision engine even further – enabling our customers worldwide to harness the full potential of their data, allowing them to make critical business decisions faster and more accurately. We're actively seeking exceptional talent to join our dynamic team and drive positive change worldwide through our transformative AI-enabled technology. Whether you're in London, Austin, Singapore, or Melbourne, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all who've played a part in shaping Personar's journey. Thank you, and we're excited to welcome you to our global locations!

  • Can AI make our borders safer and smoother?

    AI technology is set to revolutionise border processes across the world, making trade easier for businesses and borders more secure for governments. Migration, war and political upheaval are making border control a priority, while consumers increase demand for trade. and clearBorder are partnering to deliver accessible AI solutions to these border challenges. We want to bring’s proven AI systems and clearBorder’s deep domain expertise to border problems that have so far resisted automation – from classification to compliance, processing, and verification. is a global leader in artificial intelligence and automation solutions, with extensive experience in automating border processes for the Australian government. clearBorder, the UK’s prominent experts in customs and borders, work with businesses and government to support international trade. They publish research on businesses’ experience of the border in their annual State of the Border reports. We see the potential for’s uniquely deployable and flexible AI in both governments’ border control and businesses’ compliance requirements. Personar’s technology processes data just like a human but more accurately and rapidly – while, crucially, working alongside people – leading to faster decisions and improved security. “The collaboration with clearBorder aligns with our mission to employ technology for creating safer and more efficient societies,” said Adrian Jones, CEO of “We are thrilled to bring our AI technology to the table, which we believe will be instrumental in transforming the UK’s border.” clearBorder, with deep border expertise from commercial and government perspectives, will work to bring Personar’s AI technology to UK processes. This integration is expected to significantly enhance capabilities for optimising border operations, reducing queues and improving security. “Partnering with allows us to bring the latest technology to our mission to make trade borders invisible,” said Christopher Salmon, CEO of clearBorder. “The UK has a huge challenge with the volume and velocity of trade crossing its border – particularly with the EU. Personar’s proven record with the Australian Government offers ready solutions for the UK’s challenges. We can see the immediate potential to enhance the speed and accuracy of border processes and lower costs for businesses and government alike.” The partnership underlines our dedication to using technology to improve outcomes for society. We believe in the benefits of trade and we believe in the potential for technology to enhance lives. We want our partnership to lead to significant improvements in border control operations, benefiting businesses, the government, border control staff, and travelers alike. By applying AI technology to border control, and clearBorder are paving the way for a more secure UK and setting a precedent for other countries to follow. About, the innovative platform revolutionizing the enterprise automation world. With cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate self-learning human-to-digital personars that can read, understand and process information just like a human would, we’re breaking down the barriers that have long held back automation solutions. Say goodbye to the implementation headaches and high costs of traditional automation technologies because is changing the game. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting AI revolution. About clearBorder clearBorder’s mission is to make trade borders invisible. We provide training, advice and insight to improve the experience of businesses operating across the UK border with the EU and the world. We bring unparalleled expertise in international trade, customs, government and policy, data and automation to businesses of all sizes and sectors. We provide our clients with: ● Knowledge – through online, on-demand, modular training, designed, built and priced for accessibility ● Advice – to ensure compliance, adapt processes and increase efficiency alongside new and evolving border requirements ● Clarity – insight into future borders, thought leadership, new technology and innovation for UK and beyond

  • Can Leaders Relearn How to Listen?

    I don’t believe that companies can really have values – however, people certainly do. What we call corporate culture is the interaction of our values in the workplace, at scale, and over time. The values I personally hold dearly – humility, family, even competitiveness – will always define how I do business. I find it much easier to stay true to these values than to conform to predetermined values when I enter the office. It can happen, though, that we overemphasize the corporate at the expense of the personal. That can lead us to forget our most important skill as leaders: listening to others. As an entrepreneur and a leader, we absolutely must listen to those around us – our customers, our people, our competitors. It’s an integral part of our DNA here at Our role and the success of our organizations often revolve around interpreting what someone needs and translating that to someone else who can fill that need. Listening becomes even more critical when considering the globalized world we now live and work in – defined by vastly different cultures, backgrounds, and values operating together at close quarters. However, when we don’t listen, we automatically assert our own values over others. At the same time, we feel like those personal values are constantly under threat and need to defend them continuously. You can post as many company values around the office as you like, but if people don’t feel like their personal values can thrive, your business can only last so long. At, we aim to foster a culture where everyone working for us, whether in London or Singapore, can bring their personal values to work – where we can learn and benefit from one another and respect different viewpoints and opinions. Ultimately, to the benefit of the entire organization and the customers we serve. Learning from tradition After spending a fair part of my working life in Asia, I’ve noticed a common factor in different parts of the region: people tend to adopt what I might call an honest approach to business. Respect and relationship-building still play a primary role in how organizations operate, and loyalty – once earned – is rarely lost. Those relationships are becoming more vital, even as they come under increased pressure. Because of what we do at, we get a front-row seat to just how quickly businesses are assigning specialized work to our digital personars. By their very nature, those personars accelerate the pace at which many organizations operate. That can quickly create an environment where there seems to be little to no time for the relatively slow relationship-building process. Yet those relationships, built on listening and empathy, are, in fact, the best way by which any business can differentiate itself from others. You can’t automate relationships – and that’s why they’re more important than ever before. How can we, as leaders, relearn to listen? One way is to turn our attention towards other people actively. The more we automate our organization’s technical and mundane parts, the more time and attention we can invest in what really gives us purpose and fulfillment: understanding others’ situations, hearing their needs, and helping to meet them. The more attentive we are to others’ perspectives, the easier it is for our values to coexist and find common ground. All of us are people first, and professionals second – and as people, I would suggest our true purpose is to do good, whatever field or role we’re in. That’s why at, we have a dedicated offering to support non-profit organizations around the world. As leaders, doing good requires us to listen closely and constantly to those we serve: our customers, our people, our partners. An increasingly automated and digitized world frees us up to live out our values and do good. It’s what we’re best at and what no machine can ever do.

  • Don’t Hire for Experience, Hire for Passion

    Generally speaking, when employers hire new talent, what do they value most? For example, do they value someone with years of experience in their industry but lacks passion, or do they hire someone with limited experience but so much passion for the organization and the role? With the experience I have made over the past two decades, running large teams across three continents, I firmly believe that hiring for passion over experience has boded well for the tech organizations I have worked for. Passionate employees tend to not only flourish but work well with current and prospective clients. Hiring for Passion When I look at my team, now and in the past, those who succeed in his company are not necessarily the most technically skilled or professionally qualified. Instead, it’s those with a real passion for the technology and the customers we serve who ultimately grow and achieve the most. First, passionate individuals will want to learn and keep learning. We are still a small and incredibly focused team. Still, in our more recent hires, we’ve deliberately hired such individuals, where I’ve seen a desire and drive to gain the necessary knowledge that quickly closes the gap between them and more technically proficient peers. At the same time, that passion often gives rise to new ideas and innovations that can add to or even challenge what we more experienced types might think of. It’s precious in a fast-evolving field like A.I., where the technology continues to advance at an intense pace. Second, passion often proves infectious. Individuals who have that enthusiasm for their work are more likely to display it in everything they do, leading to more engaged, enlivening discussions with customers, team members, and everyone in between. I have seen this passion spread to prospects who would’ve previously been less than enthused about our technology. It’s hard to stay resistant when the person opposite you is obviously excited about what they do. Balance to Passion When hiring for passion and experience, you will inevitably end up with individuals who will continuously learn, improve their skills, and grow without requiring outside motivation. Those individuals can quickly become the stars of any organization. But, at the same time, passion needs to be balanced out so that those individuals don’t become overambitious or overbearing on those they’re working with every day. To me, that balance is humility. Companies often talk about humility as one of their corporate values, but I rather see it lived out than pinned on the office fridge. Humility keeps passion in check. When you’re conscious of your limitations and focused on the needs of others, you’re much less likely to get carried away by what naturally excites or drives you. It also keeps passion from growing egocentric — becoming all about me, which is always a risk in star performers. I’d be the first to admit that maintaining that humility isn’t always easy — it doesn’t take much to get too carried away by the passion for new technology or its applications. The best we can do in our hires — and ourselves — is to try and align passion and humility. And it’s something we’re doing every day at When we’re passionate about serving others and conscious that we don’t always have the answers, everyone’s more likely to win out. That’s something no amount of technical experience can teach, although a bit of life experience can certainly help.

  • Paul Nizov Joins as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

    Melbourne, Australia | MAY 2023 –, an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) automation technology changing the way people work, proudly announces the appointment of cybersecurity veteran Paul Nizov as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), based in North Carolina, USA. This strategic appointment emphasizes Personars steadfast commitment to information security, especially crucial in the era of artificial intelligence. With over 20 years of international experience in information and cybersecurity, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the role. His former positions include CISO at ABBYY, where he successfully led the company to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Furthermore, he held leadership roles at Ernst & Young, ENEC/Nawah, Booz Allen Hamilton, and General Electric, uniquely positioning him to secure’s offerings and bolster the company’s robust security framework. Adrian Jones, CEO of, emphasized the importance of Paul joining: “As we continue to innovate and push boundaries in the AI automation landscape, ensuring that our products adhere to the highest standards of information security and compliance is paramount. Paul’s appointment underscores our commitment to enterprise readiness. We are delighted to have him on board, and I am confident that with his leadership, we will further reinforce our cybersecurity infrastructure, protecting our company and clients.” Paul will focus on implementing secure-by-design principles in software development at His priority areas include application security, effective vulnerability management, safeguarding data and user privacy, and maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations. Commenting on his new position, Paul said, “I am excited to join, a company that takes information security as seriously as I do. I am eager to contribute to the team’s mission and ensure that our enterprise customers benefit from robust, secure AI solutions.” Paul is recognized for implementing best-in-class cybersecurity protections and has a proven record of establishing state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers (SOCs). He has been instrumental in driving ISO 27001 certification initiatives and emphasizes the importance of secure-by-design principles in software development.’s commitment to enterprise-level security comes at a time when businesses increasingly rely on AI and automation technologies, highlighting the need for reliable security frameworks. The appointment of Paul as CISO ensures that remains at the forefront of secure AI automation. About Paul Nizov Paul is an accomplished Information and Cyber Security Professional with over 20 years of international experience. His previous roles include CIO and CISO at ABBYY and leadership positions at Ernst & Young, ENEC/Nawah, Booz Allen Hamilton, and General Electric. Having lived in the Middle East, Paul also played a pivotal role in building best-in-class cyber security protections, including state-of-the-art SOCs, for the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in the UAE. Paul holds a Juris Doctor and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He is a former U.S. Navy nuclear submarine officer. About is an innovative platform revolutionizing the enterprise automation world. With cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate self-learning human-to-digital personars that can read, understand, and process information just like a human would, we’re breaking down the barriers that have long held back automation solutions. Say goodbye to the implementation headaches and high costs of traditional automation technologies because is changing the game. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution, and we can’t wait to help you unleash the full potential of your business.

  • Motorsports Veteran Jost Capito Joins as Senior Advisor

    MELBOURNE, Australia, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) automation technology changing the way people work, is excited to announce the addition of world-renowned motorsports veteran Jost Capito to the company as Senior Advisor. Mr. Capito, a renowned expert in motorsports and the automotive industry, will play a pivotal role in advancing the company’s ambitious growth plans, further strengthening Personar’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the rapidly evolving world of enterprise automation. “We’re delighted to have a motorsport legend like Jost Capito join Personar as a Senior Advisor,” said Adrian Jones, CEO of “With his vast technological experience and an impressive history of leading top-tier teams on and off the track, Capito’s insights will be instrumental in steering toward continued success. We are just getting started and will continue to accelerate our efforts on delivering cutting-edge automation, as our enterprise customers can expect even greater innovation and value in their business automation journey.” Jost Capito expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m honored to become a part of the team and support their mission to simplify business automation as well as sports using artificial intelligence with products like TrackSwift from I’m eager to collaborate with the highly skilled team, contribute my expertise, and draw on our collective strengths to fuel growth and develop groundbreaking automation solutions that enable businesses around the globe to thrive.” Mr. Capito brings a wealth of experience from the world of motorsports and the automotive industry, with an impressive track record of over 30 years in Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship (WRC), where he achieved multiple championship titles. Most recently, he was CEO of the Williams Formula One team, and during his career, he has also been CEO of Volkswagen Motorsports. Capito’s expertise in managing high-performing teams and his passion for innovation make him an invaluable addition to the team. As continues to redefine enterprise automation, his appointment comes at an opportune time, empowering businesses to leverage the benefits of AI without the traditional hurdles of high costs and complex implementation processes. About Jost Capito Jost Capito is a respected figure in the automotive and motorsport industries, with a career spanning over three decades. Mr. Capito holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout his career, he has held numerous prominent positions in various motorsport and automotive companies, including CEO of the Williams Formula One team, Managing Director of McLaren Racing, CEO of Volkswagen Motorsport team and at Porsche Motorsport, as well as Director of Ford Motorsport Europe, winning multiple championships across his career in many categories. Known for his strategic vision and leadership abilities, Jost Capito has a proven track record of driving innovation and business development. His experience and expertise make him a valuable asset for in the next stage of its journey in automation. About is an innovative platform revolutionizing the enterprise automation world. With cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate self-learning human-to-digital personars that can read, understand, and process information just like a human would, we’re breaking down the barriers that have long held back automation solutions. Say goodbye to the implementation headaches and high costs of traditional automation technologies because is changing the game. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution, and we can’t wait to help you unleash the full potential of your business.

  • Appoints IT Veteran Adrian Jones as CEO Appoints IT Veteran Adrian Jones as CEO to Accelerate the Adoption of AI Automation Innovative and disruptive AI technology that changes the way businesses automate. For Immediate Release: Melbourne, Australia | 23 February 2023 –, an enterprise startup focused on using artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize business automation, is proud to announce the appointment of Adrian Jones as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As a company co-founder, Jones brings thirty years of IT industry experience driving growth and building high-performing teams. Under his leadership, is looking forward to accelerating our mission of delivering innovative and disruptive automation solutions to businesses of all sizes. “Two years ago, we realized there was a major problem in how long and hard it was for companies to automate using technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We set out on a mission to do what no automation company has been able to do — to simplify process automation using artificial intelligence. Now is leading the change in enterprise automation through our cutting-edge AI that reads, understands, and processes information like a human. We created an automation solution that is easy to implement and gives customers an instant return on investment without the need for services and high consulting fees. At, we offer a fairer and more transparent way to pay for software as you only pay for what you use,” said Adrian Jones, CEO. The platform has helped businesses and governments streamline operations, increase efficiency and productivity, and achieve better results. With Jones’ appointment, will continue driving innovation in the industry and help even more businesses transform their operations. Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the world’s digital transformation. Every organization is working very hard to understand and unlock its true potential by leveraging advanced AI and automation technologies. Our platform allows us to generate digital personars in a fraction of the time and at lower costs, making traditional automation technologies redundant. Today, offers a range of digital personars — spanning various industries, such as finance, legal, human resources, government, sports, and biosecurity — enabling companies to hire personars the same way they would hire a human, but at a fraction of the cost and without the hidden expenses and implementation hurdles that other automation companies represent. It changes the way humans work and simplifies our lives. About Adrian Jones Adrian Jones ran successful large sales organizations from Europe to the USA and Asia for some of the most well-known and demanding Fortune 100 IT organizations for three decades. At Hewlett Packard, he was responsible for the $12B channel business and led a strong multi-billion-dollar enterprise sales organization at Oracle. Furthermore, Jones led sales organizations at Symantec and Automation Anywhere, one of the world’s largest robotic process automation (RPA) companies. He is a senior advisor for the private equity firm Warburg Pincus International LLC and works in an advisory capacity with Formula One teams. About Welcome to, the innovative platform revolutionizing the enterprise automation world. With cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate self-learning human-to-digital personars that can read, understand and process information just like a human would, we’re breaking down the barriers that have long held back automation solutions. Say goodbye to the implementation headaches and high costs of traditional automation technologies because is changing the game. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution, and we can’t wait to help you unleash the full potential of your business.

  • Bringing Humanity Back to Work – How AI Can Help to Make Work More Humane

    When I talk about automation and AI with businesses around Asia, I’ve observed that the most enthusiastic audiences are those from lines of business like HR, Finance, and Operations. Leaders of these business functions tend to quickly see automation and AI as a key to the future with jobs that support and take the load off their people. When they see how easy it is to install and now deploy AI, as well as the immediate and quantifiable benefits after doing so, they’re all for adding this new form of employment to their teams. At the same time, I’ve noticed that the most resistance to AI & automation tends to come from IT. That’s not surprising, nor is it unjustified – IT has more experiences, often challenging ones, with the introduction of any new technology into the business. The days of “shadow IT” still loom large in the consciousness of many CIOs, I’m sure. But it does highlight to me a potential opportunity for IT to shift gears on how it addresses technology in the organisation. From Gatekeeper to Governor Most IT teams operate according to the principle that anything technological should be under their control. My thirty years in enterprise IT would suggest there was ample reason for this principle in the past, given the complexity and scale of traditional IT infrastructure. However, times have changed – both in respect to the technologies being adopted, and the attitudes other lines of business have towards them. In the case of a revolutionary technology like AI for example, what’s being adopted is not so much a new technology as it is an entirely different way of sourcing, hiring, and applying talent – which just so happens to be in a digital form. IT has an opportunity to shift from being technology’s gatekeeper to becoming its governor. Instead of trying to enforce strict controls on technology’s use and application within the organisation, IT can gain much greater leverage by providing strategic counsel, technical assistance, and other forms of support to business-led digital use cases. On a basic level, this seemingly more permissive approach can give CIOs greater visibility over new technologies like AI – allowing them to spot potential technical risks, while leaving their line-of-business counterparts free to derive as much value from the technology as possible. However, there’s a more important opportunity for IT here: to guide the mind-sets and vision that the business applies to technology. Digital advances like AI don’t just reduce costs or make processes more efficient. They prompt entirely new ways of thinking about talent, collaboration, and even leadership that every leader will have to navigate at some point. IT leaders have experience not only with technology, but with thinking about technology – bridging the gap between ideal expectations and technical constraints. Exchanging strict control for strategic counsel will help them, and their counterparts in leadership, find the most productive way forward with any new technology. Don’t Get Left Behind! My personal conviction is that there’s no lasting value in marketing technology through fear. When we talk about AI with potential customers, we try to stay as focused on the benefits and possibilities that it exposes. However, I have begun to see the enterprise market in Asia Pacific taking on an increasingly “FOMO”-driven mind-set when it comes to AI and automation. Understandably, nobody wants to be left behind by a changing digital ecosystem. My advice to CIOs and IT more generally would be: don’t get left behind, but don’t rush in either. The IT department’s new role increasingly revolves not around driving digital adoption, but empowering different business functions to do so – and helping define how an increasingly digital workplace works. Get the thinking right first, and the rewards of technologies like AI and Automation will follow.

  • Is your digital strategy evolutionary, or revolutionary?

    After some 20 years in enterprise IT, I’ve realised something: there’s nothing intrinsically new about today’s disruptive technologies. In fact, most simply represent an evolution of systems or models that have been around for years, or even decades. Cloud computing marks a huge step up from servers and mainframes – but it’s still just a step. You could say the same of analytics or even the Internet of Things – the latest evolution of the humble sensor. The containers and capabilities might change, but the fundamental function remains the same. That’s not to say that businesses shouldn’t pay attention to these technologies. On the contrary: if you can’t evolve alongside technology, you’ll inevitably struggle to compete. But when we get too caught up with evolutionary technologies as part of digital transformation or other such movements, we can miss the potential of more “revolutionary” changes to how we work, live, and even define who we are. What does this revolution look like? I would point to AI and automation (Skills Based Automation) as one example. These technologies don’t simply build on past and present: they represent something entirely new. When we talk about AI and personar we often bring up the concept of human to digital personars, AI-driven personars that have been purposely designed to fulfil specific tasks or even roles within organisations. This is much, much more than just a software licence. If you need a legal aide, or a finance reporter, you can now literally download one. That brings up all sorts of questions which evolutionary technologies rarely do. Where should a business “hire” these digital personar’s for best effect – and where should it continue to retain human talent? How can employees employ their own personars to pursue more productive or meaningful work? What sort of work are we, as humans, meant to do? Answering these questions requires entirely new ways of thinking, about everything from our identity as individuals and within organisations to what truly gives us purpose and meaning in our working lives. Leading a revolution I joined after 25 years in “evolutionary” technology for two reasons. First, I see enormous potential to improve not only businesses but also individual lives through AI. When a digital personar can literally save lives – as we’ve seen them do in the medical field – by processing information much faster than a human can, you realise just how much benefit these new technologies might bring to every aspect of society. The second reason, however, may be more important: I want to ensure that we answer those big questions raised by this technology in the right way. The introduction of AI will free up human employees for other things – but what those things might be, and how businesses support their people in that transition, is a question largely unanswered. My hope is that companies like ours can ensure AI and automation end up being used for good. Being a part of that can be both intensely daunting and immensely fulfilling. It’s all too easy to adopt an evolutionary mindset when thinking about these revolutionary technologies. Many businesses still, for example, think of AI and automation solely in terms of cost savings or faster operations. Those improvements, however, only scratch the surface of how these technologies might upend the very nature of work and doing business. It’s only when we ask the deeper questions – like those about human purpose and potential – that true digital transformation begins to happen. A revolutionary digital strategy can’t merely adopt revolutionary technologies; it requires a readiness to transform how we think as well.

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