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Image by Mari Carmen Del Valle Cámara

​Game-Changing Intelligence, Game-Winning Results

Your Victory, Our Code


Soccer field

In Sports every second counts, and making the right decisions on and off the field of play is critical. Personar has developed game-changing technology enabling Sports Teams to make real-time decisions to change the path to victory.

Crack the Code to Victory



Motor racing car


Motorsports is at the heart of where we play in mission critical decision making technology. Our products are used today worldwide with Formula One teams to World Endurance to SuperCars

Soccer match

Football (Soccer)

In Football (Soccer) referee decisions on the field are what can change the game, using Personar's AI technology allows information to flow seamlessly to enable on and off field decisions more cohesively.

E-Sports Competition


In the growing world of E-Sports, the flow of information in a major match can be everything to win the game. Personar's technology is enabling gaming to a new world of real-time communications to make important decisions.

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