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Understanding Financial Data to make the right decision

Personar's AI technology revolutionizes the way companies engage with their financial data. Unlike traditional technologies,  Personar offers a more intelligent and comprehensive solution. It possesses the capability to read and comprehend the information within documents or any kind of data, enabling decisions to be made or automated in your financial process. This advanced system can analyze and compare documents and information, which allows Personar to not just automate tasks, but to bring a deeper understanding and efficiency to your entire financial systems.

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Personar is able to take any kind of structured or unstructured data and help companies make decisions simpler and easier using our platform.  Navigating the vast amounts of financial data is difficult for most companies, and Personar can help reconcile and automate your data to help make the right outcome and decision.

Financial Data


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Personars unique AI engine (D.I.C.E.) enables companies to understand your data and do something with the information. For example, you may have accounts to reconcile or simple accounts payable processes to manage, Personars technology enables you to automate these easily without the need for a large services budget to implement, enabling a faster time to get up and running and increasing your staff's productivity overall.

How we can help you make decisions?


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FinSuite is a all in one solution we provide to support companies large or small around, helping companies transform their financial data into something actionable, to enable the right decisions and automate these important procesess.



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