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Swift Action, Lifesaving Impact

Emergency Services

Real-Time Instant Communications


​Mission-Critical Real-Time Response

In the field of Emergency services, (Police, Fire, Ambulance) everything is mission critical and real-time, to save lives.


AI-Driven Speech-to-Text Transcription

​Personars Response Swift unique Speech-To Text Engine proven to transcribe and categorise instantly and accurately in noisy environments using AI.


Instant, Code-Word Alerts

Creates Code word alerts using Personars AI/ML engine to instantly inform all Emergency Services of an incident or threat to co-ordinate all services.


Efficient Emergency Assistance

Personar can assist emergency services in ensuring the right help is on it’s way and ensure emergency operations have all the information at hand, never miss information and can create alerts to ensure operations have all they need to assist their first responders in the field.


Seamless Coordination with GPS Tracking

ResponseSwift also allows for GPS location data as well API's into other data sources, to help track emergency staff in the field to co-ordinate across all services.


Experience unparalleled accuracy with up to 100% transcription in even the most chaotic environments. Our AI engine ensures precise interpretation, capturing crucial details amidst noise. Receive immediate alerts on key and code words, coupled with comprehensive audit trails including timestamps and dates.


Streamline emergency responses effortlessly with automatic notifications triggered by specific keywords. Access real-time telemetry data for officers and emergency personnel, enhancing situational awareness and coordination. Benefit from our multilingual support, accommodating diverse linguistic needs with ease.


Born from Sports to Supporting Emergency Services Saving Lives.

Personars AI engine was born from complex environments like Formula One, Football and many other sports which has enabled us to support Emergency Services with accurate information within a second and  create key alerts to support in saving lives real-time.

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