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Intelligent Solutions for Manufacturing


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We bring our expertise to the Pharmaceutical sector, redefining what is possible, in records review, to automating manufacturing areas in review of key documents.

Smart Solutions, Healthier Tomorrows


Being compliant in the Pharmaceutical industry is key, and ensuring you meet all the quality standards in manufacturing, and making no room for errors. Records review of any kind takes time and lots of people, but what if you could now automate these such as (Batch Record Review) from manufacturing, and do this in minutes Vs. hours with higher accuracy rates and improved cost savings. With Personar's AI Engine (D.I.C.E.) we can automate any records that need review, and process them in minutes, with any kind of structured or unstructured data as well as read and understand handwriting. Changing the game in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Records Review in Pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Our Platform enables us to ingest any kind of data to make key decisions in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing environments, specialising in areas of record review, where thousands of documents and information need to be reviewed and ensure compliance.

Helping Make Key Decisions


Automating complex processes in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is difficult due to the vast amounts of data that accurately needs to be reviewed, from large volumes of documentation to handwriting and verification of signatures, all of this can now be done using Personar's AI technology platform, and reduced time to increased productivity and cost savings.

Automating Complex Processes 


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