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Can AI make our borders safer and smoother?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

AI technology is set to revolutionise border processes across the world, making trade easier for businesses and borders more secure for governments. Migration, war and political upheaval are making border control a priority, while consumers increase demand for trade. and clearBorder are partnering to deliver accessible AI solutions to these border challenges. We want to bring’s proven AI systems and clearBorder’s deep domain expertise to border problems that have so far resisted automation – from classification to compliance, processing, and verification. is a global leader in artificial intelligence and automation solutions, with extensive experience in automating border processes for the Australian government.

clearBorder, the UK’s prominent experts in customs and borders, work with businesses and government to support international trade. They publish research on businesses’ experience of the border in their annual State of the Border reports.

We see the potential for’s uniquely deployable and flexible AI in both governments’ border control and businesses’ compliance requirements. Personar’s technology processes data just like a human but more accurately and rapidly – while, crucially, working alongside people – leading to faster decisions and improved security.

“The collaboration with clearBorder aligns with our mission to employ technology for creating safer and more efficient societies,” said Adrian Jones, CEO of “We are thrilled to bring our AI technology to the table, which we believe will be instrumental in transforming the UK’s border.”

clearBorder, with deep border expertise from commercial and government perspectives, will work to bring Personar’s AI technology to UK processes. This integration is expected to significantly enhance capabilities for optimising border operations, reducing queues and improving security.

“Partnering with allows us to bring the latest technology to our mission to make trade borders invisible,” said Christopher Salmon, CEO of clearBorder. “The UK has a huge challenge with the volume and velocity of trade crossing its border – particularly with the EU. Personar’s proven record with the Australian Government offers ready solutions for the UK’s challenges. We can see the immediate potential to enhance the speed and accuracy of border processes and lower costs for businesses and government alike.”

The partnership underlines our dedication to using technology to improve outcomes for society. We believe in the benefits of trade and we believe in the potential for technology to enhance lives. We want our partnership to lead to significant improvements in border control operations, benefiting businesses, the government, border control staff, and travelers alike.

By applying AI technology to border control, and clearBorder are paving the way for a more secure UK and setting a precedent for other countries to follow.

About, the innovative platform revolutionizing the enterprise automation world. With cutting-edge technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate self-learning human-to-digital personars that can read, understand and process information just like a human would, we’re breaking down the barriers that have long held back automation solutions. Say goodbye to the implementation headaches and high costs of traditional automation technologies because is changing the game. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting AI revolution.

About clearBorder

clearBorder’s mission is to make trade borders invisible. We provide training, advice and insight to improve the experience of businesses operating across the UK border with the EU and the world.

We bring unparalleled expertise in international trade, customs, government and policy, data and automation to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

We provide our clients with:

● Knowledge – through online, on-demand, modular training, designed, built and priced for accessibility

● Advice – to ensure compliance, adapt processes and increase efficiency alongside new and evolving border requirements

● Clarity – insight into future borders, thought leadership, new technology and innovation for UK and beyond

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