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AI technology

Starting from a idea 4 years ago, We built an AI technology that enables you to make decisions instantly using any kind of data, making it easy for everyone to create Personars across many industries and use cases – from Biosecurity, Finance, Pharmacuetical, Sports, & Logistics and many more.

We believe technology should be simple to use and aid us in our daily lives, our D.I.C.E. Platform enables us to ingest any kind of data (Structured or Un-Structured) and understand it, and enable companies and organizations globally to make decisions, from as simple as a document to be reviewed, to vast amounts of data, to speech-to-text audio and catagorise the information real-time, enabling decsions that would normally take hours, weeks or months

Our platform is interoperable, extensible, and fully secure. We offer custom integrations with existing infrastructure and produce a management interface with real-time reporting and permissions across the enterprise.

Technology Whiteboards session

Our team has spent many years in the enterprise software industry and realized that customers were not getting actual value from traditional enterprise software providers.


We saw customers spending many months and millions of dollars implementing technology and not getting it to work as advertised, leading to returns on investments that diminished quickly. Ultimately, enterprise software for most companies has become complex and too expensive to implement.

Our goal has been simple — to create a platform that simplifies the complex process of adapting information to real-life decsions —eliminating the need for more human capital, giving our customers a return on investment that they can bank on.​

Personar is designed to solve real customer needs using cutting-edge AI technology that is changes the way decisions are made instantly, enabling companies to not only automate but enabling them to create accurate decisions with our advanced AI platform (D.I.C.E.)

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