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Personar Wins The Sports Technology Award 2024 for Best Digital Solution!

London, UK, 24 May 2024 - Personar, a leader in AI-driven enterprise solutions, is thrilled to announce that its cutting-edge product, TrackSwift, has been awarded the “Best Digital Solution” at the 2024 Sports Technology Awards, hosted by the STA Group in London, UK.

This prestigious recognition underscores Personar's dedication to excellence and innovation in sports technology, solidifying our position at the forefront of technological advancements. TrackSwift provides real-time data analysis, significantly enhancing decision-making processes and performance metrics for sports professionals and teams across the globe.

Adrian Jones, CEO & Co-Founder of Personar shared his enthusiasm for the accolade: "We are incredibly proud to receive this honor from the Sports Technology Awards. TrackSwift's profound impact on Formula One and now other sports such as Football where decisions are critical, highlights our unwavering commitment to advancing AI, and supporting peak performance in every arena."

Jost Capito, former CEO of Williams Formula One Racing and Mclaren, and Senior Advisor for Personar said “TrackSwift is a game changer, and I have used it and seen it first hand for myself, and in sports like Formula One, decisions and speed are the most critical part of the job, and TrackSwift enables teams to make the right decisions”.

Joao Capela, former FIFA and UEFA Referee and VAR Expert, and now Senior Advisor for Personar said “ TrackSwift in Football is a must, as VAR officials have many decisions to make in a game, and a technology like this helps them support the decisions they make real-time”

About TrackSwift

TrackSwift by Personar is an AI-powered Speech-To-Text and categorization solution designed to revolutionize real-time decision-making. By leveraging advanced machine learning, TrackSwift delivers precise, instantaneous transcriptions and actionable insights, in the most demanding noisy environments, empowering sports teams with unparalleled clarity and speed. This transformative tool converts complex data into strategic advantages, making it indispensable where precision and rapid response are critical.

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For more information on the Sports Technology Awards, visit:

Pictured left to right: João Capela (Senior Advisor), Simon Dugard (CTO & Co-Founder), Adrian Jones (CEO & Co-Founder), Andrew Jones (Global Sales Executive), Imogen Salmon (CFO), Jost Capito (Senior Advisor).

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