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Pascal Aeschlimann Joins PERSONAR as Senior Advisor to Propel Sports Innovation

Pascal Aeschlimann Joins PERSONAR as Senior Advisor to Propel Sports Innovation

London, UK | 9th July 2024 – Personar, a leader in AI-driven enterprise solutions, proudly announces the addition of Pascal Aeschlimann as a Senior Advisor. Pascal's extensive background in building and scaling businesses and his deep passion for sports positions him perfectly to drive the adoption of Personar's TrackSwift technology in the sports sector.

Since childhood, sports have been Pascal's passion, from playing football and ice hockey to competing as an IRONMAN triathlete. Now, he brings this passion to Personar, where he sees immense potential for AI technologies to revolutionize sports decision-making. "I am excited to channel my energy into the sports business with Personar's AI technologies, particularly TrackSwift. I believe it can significantly enhance the decision-making process in sports, making it faster, more efficient, and fairer," said Pascal.

Adrian Jones, CEO & Co-Founder of Personar, expressed his enthusiasm: "We are delighted to welcome Pascal to our team. His entrepreneurial spirit and profound connections in the sports world will be invaluable as we expand TrackSwift's impact in major sports like Formula 1, Motorsports, Football, and other key professional sporting organisations worldwide."

Pascal, a Swiss national who moved to Singapore nearly two decades ago, has a remarkable business development record. He played a crucial role in expanding STAAR Surgical's Asian operations, establishing it as a leading ophthalmic company. In 2012, he founded SWISSMED, South East Asia's largest ophthalmic distribution company, before being acquired by TRANSMEDIC in 2022.

About TrackSwift:

TrackSwift by Personar is an AI-technology solution focused on real-time decision-making in Sports and Enterprises. Leveraging Personar’s unique AI engine, TrackSwift provides accurate, instant actionable insights, empowering sports teams and officials with unparalleled clarity and speed. TrackSwift transforms complex data into strategic advantages, making it an indispensable technology where critical decisions are vital.

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